May 2021


This year has seen emails and phone calls from almost all our manufacturing partners explaining the massive increase in their cost of raw materials, anywhere from 30 to 40 percent. Although this doesn’t equate to the same percentage increase our end, Taipan’s purchase costs have increased significantly over the last few months, some as high as 18%.
One of our promises was to support our customers through Covid without increasing prices. I reckon we have achieved that, with our last increase being three and a half years ago, in January 2018.
Another promise was to not increase our prices unless the manufacturers do. Unfortunately, that time has come.
To help with the huge percentage of the largest increases, we have spread the impact across our entire range. Once all the waffle is over, the wash up is an across-the-board increase of 8%, effective from the 1st of July 2021. This will have given a few months to circulate stock purchased at the old prices.
We understand any form of increase to any costs within the operation of your business holds significant consequences and we are genuine about developing legitimate relationships, so if you would like to discuss any part of the information above, please feel free to contact any of our team on 1300 654 782 or myself personally on 0409 887 716.


There are definite challenges since the onset of the world pandemic, but Taipan remains committed to achieving their 100% supply target.  

On the 29th of March Taipan contracted an external Procurement Consultant to close the gap on what we know works and what we don’t know and already we are noticing the difference. The small tweaks to the floor operations are seeing product distributed more efficiently and focus placed on replenishing product that is running thin on the ground. The contract will last for as long as it takes to ensure we have the knowledge to make the difference.


After what feels like a lifetime with these COVID restrictions, we’re bursting with excitement for what’s in store for next month.  

We are starting to get back to a little bit of normality! Next month Taipan will be attending two, that’s right… TWO field days in QLD. The first will take place in St. George and the second up in Mareeba.  

After having all events cancelled last year, we are keen to hit the ground running and hope to be at a lot more across the country in coming months.  

If you’re planning on attending either of these shows, be sure to come and say hi!