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Taipan offers a range of services for Equipment Owners, Hydraulic Industry Stockists and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Each service is different, but they all come with 25 years of industry experience and our widely respected commitment to quality and customer care.

Taipan Hose Assembly Service

Need a Hose assembly & don’t have the equipment? No worries – why not let us do it for you with our Hose Assembly Service?

  • Available at Taipan’s Caboolture, Melbourne, Perth and Rocklea branches
  • Particularly handy for stockists or machinery owners who need occasional access to large crimpers
  • Assembled by experts for safety, reliability and performance – gives you peace of mind
  • Available Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Bookings essential
  • T’s and C’s apply

Taipan Hose System Kits

Do you regularly order the same combination of hose system parts and accessories? Take the hassle out of ordering multiple components individually by registering the whole set as a Hose System Kit on Taipan’s database.

  • Each Hose System Kit will contain the exact components specified by you for your hose system
  • Your Hose System Kit will be given its own part number
  • Simplify your ordering process – instead of ordering components individually, just quote your kit’s part number to order as many kits as you need
  • Alternatively, establish a timetable for regular deliveries of kits
  • Available for account holders only

RFID Enabled Life Cycle Tracking

Utilising Tagitive’s RFID enabled hose tracking system, Taipan has the ability  to provide a complete hose life cycle history and reporting system to customers on a multi level location based platform. Beginning with inspection and manufacture through to Installation and End of Life information. Tagitive’s pre-planning calendar enables scheduling of maintenance servicing weeks or months in advance.

Time critical alert reporting helps minimise down time, incidents and accidents and extends the working life of your equipment.

Transferable to a myriad of assets Tagitive is your single source asset register.

  • An easy to use single-source for all information
  • Proactive scheduling of inspections, maintenance and end-of-life replacement
  • Much more control, far fewer surprises

Online Basic Hydraulics Training

Ideal for hydraulics industry newcomers, trainees and supervisors, our Basic Hydraulic Hose and Fittings Training is an easy-to-use e-learning platform that teaches the fundamentals of hydraulic hose system assemblies and components.

Eight easy-to-complete modules and sub-modules:

  • Simple, succinct and informative videos
  • Step-by-step tests to confirm learning
  • Helpful tips on the Taipan product part number system
  • Highly affordable (some distributors may qualify for a freebee)

Taipan On-Site Container Stores

Do you have customers running large fleets of machinery at industrial operations in remote or rural areas?

These customers need large quantities of parts available virtually on-demand to keep their operations running.

On Site Container Stores are co-branded with your business name and logo alongside Taipan branding, enabling you to maintain a supply of product at your customer’s work site, where it’s needed most.

T’s and C’s apply.

  • Gives the stockist’s customer immediate access to hose systems, adaptors and accessories so they can reduce machinery downtime and simplify maintenance tasks
  • Cements relationships between stockists and their customers
  • Good for top and bottom lines
  • Taipan works with its customers to keep the container stores stocked
  • Can be customised to the needs of each work-site
  • Taipan On-Site Container Stores are made available on a case-by-case basis. T’s and C’s apply.