MAY 2023


Milestone Dinner

Geez! Where did the time go?  

Just like that it’s been 5 years since Jett, Tianah and Zephron joined the team, and we couldn’t be more glad they did! So, this month we thought why not take them out and treat them to a nice meal and a night on the town – Maccas and some people watching down in Fortitude Valley – you can thank us later guys. 

All jokes aside, we are extremely grateful for all of the hard work and dedication they have shown over the last half a decade. Here are some of the cool highlights from their time with us so far!  

Starting out as a Warehouse Assistant, Jett has progressed his way up to become Caboolture’s Warehouse Supervisor, moving through almost every department. The pandemic being a real challenge with staff being the ultimate test, but Jett to his credit is still standing and doing his best to add the value to dispatch that our customers have grown to expect.  

Another superstar on the rise is our Warehouse Supervisor over in Rocklea. With the perfect balance of banter and professionalism, Zephron has got a one of a kind of attitude and we’re stoked that he chooses to spend his time with us mere mortals. Naming all of his standout moments would be impossible but if we had to pick a favourite it would be during the 2022 floods. It goes without saying, the branch wouldn’t have been in such high spirits or recovered as quickly if they didn’t have their fearless leader taking it all in his stride. Keep up the awesome work Zephron, we know there are big things on the horizon for you!  

HR Manager turned Dream Manager, Tianah’s enthusiasm for genuinely helping people succeed has turned our MD Allan’s ideas into a reality. This unique role is, exactly as its title suggests, helping staff to achieve their ultimate dreams.  

One of Tianah’s greatest achievements to date has been helping seven of Taipan’s team members secure their very first home, with five of those building brand new houses. It doesn’t end there though, seeing people achieve qualifications, first ever holidays, brand new cars, brilliant saving plans, attaining their driver’s license, and even organising a health professional to keep our team on track in their quest to become healthy.  We can’t wait to see what the next five has in store. 



That’s correct, 16 HOURS of walking and enduring all of Al’s dad jokes. Would you be up for the challenge?!  

You might have seen our efforts last year as we battled it out with 10,000 other participants in the long stretch between Currimundi to Noosa, covering 30km! This year we thought, what the heck, why not make it a double and so here we are – ready for double the fun and double the blisters! We’ve even invested in a personal trainer to push us to the limits, there’s behind the scenes footage to come, keep an eye on our socials. 

From supporting Beyond Blue last year to the Heart Foundation this year, Coastrek supports a variety of different charities, and at Taipan we do too. Every year we give our team the opportunity to vote for 3 charities they hold close to their hearts. For the second year in a row Coastrek was picked. Guess they like to see us walk the walk! 

This year’s Coastrek team consists of Amy, Allan, Lou and Grace. 

If you are interested in getting involved, check out here or donate to our amazing team of walkers here!


Things are looking positive on Taipan stock holdings. You will have noticed the backorder situation has dramatically reduced. This is not only due to the increased stock holding but is due to continuous improvement in our procedures.

The current labour shortages have been good for us, it has forced our team to relook at how we get things done. In fact, at last count, of the 5,893 core product lines stocked at Taipan, only 66 were at zero stock and 35 lines were on the water. Now that’s a pretty good result.   

As usual it’s one thing to get there and it’s another to keep it there, but let’s take the current stock holding as a small victory for all concerned.