This year we pay tribute to some of the awesome legends who have been with us since the beginning of time… 

Ok well maybe not since the dinosaur era but 20yrs does seem like a lifetime in our books! 

With Linda, our CEO of Administration, celebrating an incredible 20 years, Neil our CEO of Operations celebrating a whopping 15 years and Owen, Jess, Amy, Troy and Mitch hitting the admirable 5 year milestone, there’s a whole heap of celebrating to be done! 

We are sure you have all seen some drastic changes to our company in the last couple of decades from rebranding to the opening of 4 additional branches, tripling our staff and overcoming natural disasters. Together it’s been a wild ride, but we couldn’t think of anyone better to have shared these moments with than you guys!  

These staff members are part of the reason Taipan is the company that it is, they’ve helped shape us and they’ve been with us through it all. We would love to give another standing ovation for all the hard work they do and the amount of value they add to this company each and every single day.

A huge congratulations!

A new Promo room just for you!

Have you heard the news?! We’ve built our very own promotions room at the Taipan Head Office in Caboolture! Lou, our Promo Coordinator, can hardly wait to get it all organised. But what does that mean for you?

Whether you’re a customer that’s been with us since the beginning of time, or you’ve just signed up, we’re sure you have noticed that in every order we send out, we throw a promo item in. It’s something we love doing for our customers, and we have heard that you guys love it too, particularly the chocolate fittings! Having a purpose built facility where we can stock, organise and package your special surprises means we can aim for bigger things and surprise you with even more exciting promo products each month!

If there’s a promo item you’d love us to stock, or one that you think was so cool you’d like to get it again, get in touch with because we’d love to hear your thoughts!

November stock update

You may have read in our July Newsletter Stock Update that we were expecting a huge amount of product to be delivered throughout the following months. We’re excited to announce that our team has been run off their feet… which only means good things for you! You should be noticing a constant improvement in your backorder situation with a huge amount of product hitting our shores. So here are some facts to keep you in the loop:

  • September – 12 containers delivered
  • October – 8 container deliveries
  • November – 7.5 container deliveries due
  • Manufacture times are finally reducing within a reasonable expectation especially in the hose tail and adaptor sector.
  • Hose remains at reasonably long lead times but at least it’s not the 75 weeks experienced at the peak of the additional demand period.

We are extremely lucky to have made the decisions to increase stock holding when we did. However, all this new stock doesn’t mean we’ve stopped ordering, with plenty more expected to arrive very soon. Check out our updated stock graph to see how much more is on its way!