2021 the year you changed

by Allan Sandilands

Why not make 2021 the year that changed your life around.  

Paul J Myer, an American motivational speaker once said, “Opportunities never come to those who wait, they are captured by those who dare to attack”. 

Opportunities are all around us and they present themselves every single day. Armed with the correct tools, we can recognise and capture these opportunities and utilise their potential to propel us forward.  

That’s great for you, you may say, but I can’t seem to find any opportunities.  

That’s probably because, one, you are so busy working in your business or on your job you can’t see the forest for the trees.  

One of the most common responses I receive when sharing information on opportunities is “Nobody ever told me that!”.  

Here’s some tips on where to begin looking. 

  1. The easiest place to spot opportunities is in a place where you are doing something you enjoy. 
  2. Find someone of value, someone successful and shout them to dinner. 
  3. Begin asking questions. Questions about what they did to become successful, the way they think, the way they act, the things they do. 
  4. Listen, just listen. It’s extremely difficult to learn anything new if you are the one doing the talking.
  5. Take positive action. There is another great saying when it comes to taking action on opportunities, “If it’s hard, do it hard. If it’s easy, do it easy, just get it done”.

Even though those examples don’t seem like obvious places to find opportunities, don’t be fooled, opportunities are all around us every day. It’s our limited knowledge, education and understanding that disguises opportunities.

Here’s a cool example of how some of Taipan’s team have benefited from a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Last May, the Government decided to help potential first homeowners by providing an additional $25,000.00 assistance grant on top of the existing first home buyer grant.  

In Queensland, added together, meant a total of $40,000.00. That is more than enough for a deposit on a first home and to top it off, interest rates fell to a staggering 1.99% fixed for 4 years through at least one lender. 

I sent an email to the entire team. “Have a look at this” I said, “what an opportunity to own your first home and fulfil the great Australian dream”.  

Two months went by and nothing, no action by anyone?  

The government announced the scheme would cease by the end of December. I frantically scoured the internet for a broker with a good deal and called for a presentation to the team.  

I suspect no one came forward the first time around because a) they were too busy working on their job and b) if you have never been fortunate enough to recognise an opportunity on your own, they can be difficult to uncover.

Once the presentation from the broker was complete our team could see for themselves this was indeed an opportunity worth grabbing hold of.

Skip forward three months and seven people at Taipan will walk into the door of their very first home sometime in 2021. 

One of these people is nineteen years old, one is twenty-one and one is a solo dad.  

What was the key?  

Action, take action, do something about it. The trouble is, what’s easy to do, is also easy not to do.  

Ok, so Taipan employs what we call a full time “Dream Manager”. Someone whose job it is to identify and assist our team in achieving their dreams. There has been one massive amount of work go in behind the scenes to make this all happen for our team but that’s the joy of it. The journey is the rewarding part.

Ok, you’ll need some attributes if you are going to recognise opportunities and fulfill your dreams.

Willpower, perseverance, persistence, determination, teamwork, yes teamwork, if you don’t know what to do, find someone who does. Get one of your work mates, friends or relatives to keep you on track. Then start, just start.