2023: The Year To Come

by Allan Sandilands

So, 2023… I bet you’re wondering what crazy things we’ve got planned…  

I love writing the first blog of the year. It’s when we get to write about all the cool stuff we have planned for the year ahead, all the goals we’ve mapped out. Everything feels new and exciting, and it’s 12 months of the unknown that lies ahead.   

  • Throughout December we worked on integrating the introduction of predictive product purchasing software which will ensure we don’t run out of stock and ensure we’ve got the product we need on our shelves.  
  • February 1st we will be officially opening our newest branch, Adelaide!! That means more stock, more knowledge and more support for our customers. Adelaide will service SA as well as neighbouring states.  
  • Taipan have a brand new range of abrasive cutting and grinding discs available for our customers! We’ll be talking about these in more detail next month but if you’d like to know more you can head over to our website www.taipan.com.au

  • Our 2023 Catalogue is set to launch in April. The team have spent the last three years preparing for this one and with some great talent on the team, this catalogue is set to be the best one ever.  
  • We’re planning on adding a second extension to our Head Office at Caboolture which means even more room!!! With the extra 600 square meters, that’s in addition to the 600 from last year, we’ll be ensuring kit work and product storage are one of our top priorities.   
  • We have had a massive influx of stock rolling through the doors thanks to some awesome planning. This means we’ll be closer than ever to having 100% stockholdings at each branch.  
  • We’ll be attending Field Days right around the country including WA, VIC, NSW, QLD and SA! 
  • We have our first international trip planned since 2019. Neil, CEO of Operations and Sammy, R&D Specialist will be visiting Europe to get back on track with the awesome product development work we started prior to all the lockdowns. As soon as the Marketing team heard the boys would be off visiting Italy, Turkey, England, Czechoslovakia and Asia, they were concocting ways they could sneak into their luggage.  
  • Speaking of R&D, Sammy has been so busy that we will be adding another team member to focus specifically on ensuring continuous improvement to the quality of our products.  
  • There will be huge improvements to our testing facilities with the arrival of the Bimal Burst Tester. What this means for you is faster impulse test turnaround times providing confidence in the product performance and the continuation of our almost zero product warranty status.  

Well, 2023 is panning out to be a cracker with all that cool stuff ahead. For those of you scratching your head and wondering… is that it?! Don’t worry… in true Taipan style, there will be plenty of surprises over the next 12 months!