Al’s Economic Forecast 2020

by Allan Sandilands

Have you ever wanted to pretend you are someone you are not. Maybe you wanted to be a pilot, but you wound up in Hydraulics. Same here, I thought to myself, I reckon I could do a reasonable job of informing the masses on how the years are gonna turn out. The so-called experts get paid a heap of money to let you in on what you probably already know and more to the point, what you probably don’t want to know. With that in mind here’s one view of how to get the most out of 2020….

Let’s start with a quick look at global events shall we!

• Donald Trump was a bit of a shock win the first time around, so people around the world are going to have the same reaction when he wins for a second time, and let’s face it, after you look past all Don’s political stunts, the American economy has strengthened during his time in office, that’s number one.

• The Chinese are gaining momentum as a world leader, yes there has been a couple of setbacks, like the Coronavirus which will have a detrimental effect for a few months, but they’ll be back to fighting fit in 2020.
• And Brexit finally happened, woohoo! Not sure why that’s so exciting, just for the fact someone made a decision I guess.

Where does that leave Australia? Good question! I had a brief google of the economy over the last 200 years and guess what, it’s always been about the same!

Answer these questions for me. Make sure you are honest cause we don’t want to mislead anyone.

  1. What if Trump doesn’t get in, the Chinese take three months instead of two to get back on track or the English stay in the European union, what will that do for your better future? I am thinking, not much, right.
  2. What if the Australian Government were to change from Liberal to Labour today, what would that do for your better future? I am thinking, not much.
  3. What if prices came down a little what would that do for your better future?
  4. What if interest rates were to come down….further?
  5. Or what about your negative relatives, what if they all became positive, what would that do for your better future. I’m thinking, not much right, not much.
If none of these events are going to change your future for the better, you’d better make plans of your own. If you don’t, you’ll probably always fit into someone else’s plans and guess what someone else may have planned for you? Not Much!
For things to change for you, you first have to change. If you won’t change, it isn’t going to change.  I stole that whole spiel off Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker who resinated with me back in 1986 and it is as true today as it was back then. You are where you are and what you are because of the dominating thoughts that occupy your mind. Phew, that was deep. Now let’s wrap this up. The economists can spruik on all they want as they have for the last 200 years about the events of the world, it’s what you do about it that will change “your” year from bad to good or good to great. It’s what “you” do about it.