Is there anything good happening?!

by Allan Sandilands

The world is heating up, the pollution is killing the Earth, Covid’s killing the people, they are cutting all the forests to the ground and the boss doesn’t pay me enough money.


Is there anything good happening on this planet?!!!……… Well actually there is and quite a bit. It’s about time we took a break from the daily grind to list a few great things that are happening and some that have happened recently.

  1. Fresh water: Work has begun on a graphene-based sieve that will produce drinking water from sea water. Currently being trialed in the lab this technology stands to revolutionise our ability to provide fresh water where it is desperately needed.
  2. Ocean clean up: The cleanup of the Pacific garbage is in full swing with the design of a second device to add to the cleanup project underway.
  3. New forests: The world is greener today than it was twenty years ago. Both China and India have undertaken massive regeneration programs to restore their habitats. For example, last year India gathered up 800,000 people and managed to plant 50 million trees in 24 hours. Now that’s a feat!
  4. Coral regeneration: A guy in Florida discovered how to make coral grow 40 times faster than in the wild which is helping Australia, who have been growing different species of coral in an artificial environment to help save the Great Barrier Reef.
  5. Extinct animals that aren’t: According to a heap of Aussie scientists, who have been studying 180 extinct animals in their portfolio, say they discovered at least a third were still alive and kicking.
  6. Lawyers to slash fees: The ACCC has finally ordered all Australian law firms to halve their fees. The change is to take place as soon as hell freezes over. Hahaha, if you believed that one, you’ll believe anything.

Isn’t it great to know there are some cool things going on that will and are already benefiting the world we live in!