Making recruitment a success

by Allan Sandilands

How many times have you hired a friend or friend of a friend’s sisters’ brother or similar? Successful recruitment is a constant challenge, here are Taipan’s top 5 questions to consider at your next interview…

1. Tell me about yourself, who you are and your story. 

This question allows the candidate to feel comfortable and relax. Talking about themselves is usually an easy conversation starter and allows them to talk about outside passions. It gives employers time to ‘get to know’ the candidate in such a short period of time and allows employers to measure whether the candidates personal values align with the company values and ultimately, if they will fit with the company culture.

2. What aspects of the role appeal to you?

This question is important to gauge the interest level of the candidate of particular areas or aspects relating to the role. It also indicates their strengths and weaknesses by allowing them to express what interest level they have, these are usually self-identified strengths.

3. What are your long term career plans?

Use this question to allow candidates to expose their wildest dreams, or let you know they might be chasing career progression. It’s a good chance for employers to boast about their openness to career progression or that it’s okay if that’s not what the candidate is looking for. Employers can also gauge whether a candidate will be a long-termer, or using this role as a stepping stone.

4. What type of person do you find the most challenging to work with?

If they say ‘my boss’ then their values probably don’t align with yours, but keep in mind that their ‘boss’ may really be a challenge to work with! Finding out what makes their ‘blood boil’ in the workplace will indicate what type of person they are, who they respond to and whether or not they will upset the current culture. Maybe they find it a challenge to work with lazy people, or people with low motivation, which in turn will likely be a positive thing for the company.

5. What do customers mean to you?

This question will indicate whether or not the candidate feels that customers are important. At Taipan, our Mission; To create a base of raving fans by delivering outstanding customer experiences, starts with our staff and the importance they put on customer service. Customers are what keeps our cogs turning and we want our future employees to value their importance.

With a little preparation you can maximise your chances of hiring someone that will remain with your company longer term. This will not only save you a huge amount of money but will help to generate stability and credibility in the market.

If you need more help with recruitment contact or phone Tianah at our Caboolture office on 07 5428 1211.

Good Luck!