The Importance of Training

by Mick Webb

Whether you have been in the game for what feels like a lifetime or are as green as it gets – when it comes to training there’s nothing more important than making sure you and your team are constantly adding to your skill set.  

Having completed his Cert IV in Training and Assessment, our in-house trainer Mick Webb has a wealth of knowledge in the Hydraulics industry.

From managing a warehouse to being out on the road, as an on-site hose breakdown repairman for many years, Mick has been on both sides of the customer service spectrum, making him the perfect person to provide the kind of value you can be adding to yourself and your workplace through training.

So, Mick, what are the benefits of ensuring both you and your staff are trained?

The famous saying, ‘knowledge is power’ comes to mind. The more you and your team know, the easier it is to service your customers. Being on top of your game when it comes to product and technical solutions allows you to assist people to the best of your ability, delivering a service level that is second to none – and this is something no-one forgets! If you want to make a lasting impression, knowledge is key and that’s where I come in.

Do you need to be a beginner to qualify for training?

Not at all, training is beneficial for everyone, and can add value at all levels. We provide refresher training for those who have been in the game for a while, through to comprehensive training for those who are just starting off.

We focus on ensuring you are working in a clean, safe, tidy workplace and that you have access to all of the latest resources.  We then expand on a case-by-case level to suit your needs. All our training is universal, so you can apply what you are taught to the hydraulics industry no matter where you work. 

Is there a list of questions people can ask themselves to see if training in any particular area may be helpful?

For sure, things like:

  1. Do I feel that I have enough hydraulic knowledge to be a great teacher to my team?
  2. Do I know all the different thread sizes?
  3. Do I know the Hose Standards?
  4. Can I easily identify part numbers?
  5. Do I know the correct procedures for making a hose?
  6. Do I know how to avoid fluid injection injury?

Why is on-the-job training important for the development of employees in a company?

On the job training is excellent as it helps you to apply what you are learning to real time issues and everyday activities whilst working in a familiar environment. We will ensure that you focus on equipment that you will use day in and day out like crimpers, cut off saws, etc. This allows you to have full confidence when you’re servicing customers, helping to grow your confidence in your knowledge and ability.

What kind of training does Taipan offer?

We tailor all our training to suit your needs allowing us to pinpoint the correct level of support to offer. Once we can identify what needs to be worked on, we will delve deeper to make sure you can take away as much as possible. At the end of your training, we provide you with a certificate on the subject you were taught, we also offer our ongoing support for any future questions you may have.

What is the best way for customers to book a training session with you?

You can either contact your local Territory Manager or you can call me direct on 0448 700 415 and I will answer any questions you may have.

At Taipan, we are passionate about creating a base of raving fans. We want to support you to upskill your team so that you’re the best in the industry. If you’re considering Taipan training, give us a call… we would love to help!