The Year to come…

by Allan Sandilands

Let’s be honest, last year was a challenge for any company either importing or exporting, which ultimately flows on to stockists and on-sellers and finally, the end users. The cold hard facts are, there are simply not enough ships on the water and not enough containers to put product in.

According to the experts there are huge orders in place for new ships, but with an average three-year manufacture time, the first ships are not expected to roll off the slip ways until 2023.

One ray of light is the opening of borders as vaccination levels are reached. This puts more planes in the air as people begin to travel and the opportunity to alleviate some of the most urgent product back log…. Here’s hoping.

I am not sure we have seen the last of the price increases from manufacturers and the one thing that has been hovering in the background with potential to offset those increases is the Aussie dollar, which with the shenanigans the Chinese government have been playing at lately, seems unlikely to rise any time soon.

All too depressing for you, don’t buy into it! There is soo much good going on, it’s not funny.
Behind the scenes Taipan has been busy:

Training more customer service people, increasing the branch teams, ordering mountains of product, upgrading our processes, and preparing to visit our existing manufacturing partners as well as new manufacturing and product company opportunities.

As explained last year, we are nailing those unfinished goals back on the board.
Stacker storage to full capacity, barcoding fully operational, Taipan’s promise to deliver value with every infield customer visit. Heck, we’re even getting our MD back in the car so he can get to know what’s really going on out there.

If we’re not delivering to your expectation, we not only want to know about, we want you to explain how you think we should be resolving it.

This year’s plans will ensure we are improving every aspect of our service to you, so all the best to you all and we’ll see you in the field!