What is Great Customer Service?

by Allan Sandilands

What is great customer service and what sets great businesses apart from good businesses?

We thought we’d kick 2021 into gear with some tips on what constitutes great customer service. 

Not being experts of the field experience ourselves, we headed to a place we could find “real” answers from people who actually know……..

And who better to tell us than our very own customers. Here’s ten of the top replies:

  1. Good pricing
  2. Quality product
  3. Having the product on the shelf
  4. Employ people with knowledge of the industry
  5. Don’t leave me on hold
  6. Call back when you say you are going to
  7. Take responsibility when there is a product issue
  8. Don’t treat me like I am an inconvenience
  9. Keep me up to date with new products
  10. Provide solutions

There are some great responses from our customers and if we were allowed to offer up a couple from our perspective, we’d say;

  1. Develop genuine relationships with customers
  2. Have a genuine caring for the outcomes
  3. Come to work for more than just profit