What size crimper is right for you?

by Neil Macleod

Over the past 15 years, I have taken hundreds of calls from customers who have asked a similar question, “what crimper should I buy?”

Over the next few months, we will be working hard to answer some of your frequently asked questions. Questions like, what are the capabilities of the different options and how big should I go? This month we’re focusing on commonly made mistakes when buying a press. My hope with this advice is that it’ll save you thousands of dollars down the road and help your business to thrive!

Do you really need a 2” press?
As someone who has worked in sales, I can tell you the first thing people assume they need is a 2” press. Realistically this is very rarely the case.
It seems that people remember the most expensive hose they ever had made and decide they won’t cop a bill like that again, insisting they’ll make their own, but they don’t contemplate how much a 2” press costs or better yet, how much the stock will cost to hold.
Don’t get me wrong, 2” presses are great, and we would love to sell you one. But the last thing Taipan want to do is sell you tens of thousands worth of gear that you will never use. Dead stock on the shelf is debt to a company and that’s not somewhere we want you to be.

Questions to ask yourself
The following questions will help you make the right decision.

  • How remote are you? Have you got access to someone who can make a hose over 1 ¼?
  • Assess how many hoses you’ve required over 1 ¼ in the last year. If it is one or two a year, ask yourself if you might be better off getting someone else to make it and cop a bill now and then.
  • What type of equipment do you work on or what industry do you service?
    In my experience, I have found that in the transport industry, you could easily get away with only having a 1” press and outsourcing the odd 1 ¼ hose that comes your way.
    In the mining or quarry industry you will be missing a trick if you cannot service that bigger machinery so I would recommend 2” all day.
  • How much room do I have?
    This is something to seriously consider as you would want to have a pretty big service vehicle to stock the hose and hosetails to cover 1 ½ and 2” hoses, not to mention the size of the press.

Hopefully this has begun to cover a few of the major considerations when looking to expand your capabilities.
In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give one of our friendly team a call on 1300 654 782 and we’ll do our best to answer all of your crimping questions.