Women in the Taipan Workplace

by Pauline Burgess

As we celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we are fortunate to have several women in positions of leadership at Taipan. This is reflective of the inclusive and open-minded culture encouraged and actively practiced within the business. As a female employee in this environment in what has traditionally been a male dominated industry, it is truly encouraging and rewarding.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Linda Farrell has been with the business in excess of eighteen years and seen it transition through phases of growth and expansion. Linda is an integral part of the business and her opinion is valued and listened to with respect. We asked Linda to comment on her experience working at Taipan.

“In my time at Taipan there has been many changes but one thing that has always remained consistent is the culture. The whole team has always been encouraged to share their ideas & opinions, which has led to far greater outcomes. I have always felt respected and have been supported to take on senior management roles. I now look forward to supporting our upcoming leaders”.

Tianah Ede is responsible for the Human Resources department at Taipan. She is also our Dream Manager where she helps mentor staff in defining and achieving their dreams both personally and professionally, so we asked Tianah for her thoughts on the role women play at Taipan.

“To sit in a management meeting, in a traditionally male dominated industry, surrounded by strong and determined women, is a credit to Taipan and our values. Nearly 40% of our management group are women, highly educated with worlds of experience in their respective fields. But the main focus isn’t on those things, it’s the respect we are given and true value of our opinions that makes it worthwhile being anyone who works for Taipan.”

Amy Sandilands is the Marketing Manager at Taipan and is constantly involved in the promotion of the Taipan brand to both internal and external customers. Because Amy liaises with people from so many different areas of expertise, we asked Amy what she thought set Taipan apart.

“Being constantly uplifted by co-workers and others from the management team, Taipan has an inclusive vibe that helps to bring everyone together and makes us feel like we are working towards the same vision. It’s a pleasure to come to work every day and feel like you are constantly appreciated and the place in which you work, has your very best interests at heart. The support that is offered to help you achieve both your personal and professional ambitions is second to none with a great mixture of male and female role models.”

Finally, as a relative newcomer to the Taipan family, Pauline Burgess is the Senior Finance Officer and so we sought her perspective on how women fit in the culture that is Taipan.

“Prior to commencing at Taipan, I have held a position for eighteen years in a similar sized business in a different industry, as a Senior Manager. I was totally amazed at the difference at Taipan to where I had come from. I was encouraged to bring any ideas forward for discussion, guided but not controlled in developing relationships with my staff and mentored directly by my manager. I love the fact that Taipan not only sets values like being fun to work with, but that this is actively practiced every day and it is a pleasure to come to work each day.”

Sounds like Taipan is kicking goals when it comes to distribution of gender in their management team and it’s exciting to think that this will continue and grow over the coming years!