BAT Industrial


Retail Outlet

Established in 1980, BAT INDUSTRIAL stands as a premier supplier of hoses, valves, and fittings utilised across a wide spectrum of industries and clientele. With a vast inventory of 20,000 line items and a robust network of Australian and international manufacturers, our customers entrust us with any fluid transfer challenge, confident in our reliability.

Our STRENGTH lies in our unwavering commitment to our family business and customers, coupled with old-fashioned hard work and a problem-solving ethos towards service. Our VISION is to continually introduce new products and innovative systems to the market while pioneering investments and enhancements for future generations.

Operating from our bustling Head Office and National Distribution Centre in Sydney’s West, we are supported by dedicated technical, customer service, and field sales teams, ensuring optimal support for our clientele.


Phone: 02 9672 4455
37 Fourth Avenue, BLACKTOWN NSW