Rocklea Rescue

‘It’s crooked,’ said Neil.

‘No, it’s not,’ said Allan.

They both stepped back to survey the enormous framed painting of Allan, dressed as a cowboy, riding a rocket into outerspace.

‘It’s perfect,’ said Allan, wiping a tear from the corner of his eye.

They both looked up as the door slammed open. Amy stood in the doorway, a serious look on her face.

‘Buckle up, boys,’ she said. ‘The Rocklea branch has sent out a distress signal after the flooding yesterday. We’re all heading over to give them a hand.’

‘Hell yeah,’ said Neil. ‘I’m driving.’

Racing outside, the trio met up with Sammy and Troy in the carpark.

‘I don’t think we’re going anywhere in this,’ said Sammy. The rain was bucketing down and the entire carpark was underwater.

‘Think again,’ said Allan, pulling a set of keys from his pocket with a flourish. He clicked a big red button and his Taipan company car floated through the water.

‘Is that…’ said Troy, trailing off in wonder as the car came to a stop in front of the group.

‘A transforming submarine?’ said Allan. ‘You bet it is!’

‘So that’s where our vacation funds went,’ realised Amy, as the group jumped into the submarine.

Zooming through the water, they made it to the Rocklea branch in no time at all.

‘Hey, guys,’ said Zephron, as the group entered the building. ‘Most of the water has receeded, so now we just need to clean this place up.’

‘Let’s get to work!’ said Allan, brandishing a broom in the air like a sword.

The team picked up brooms, mops and rags and got to it.

Sammy zoomed around on a forklift with the prongs extended as high as they would go. Troy stood on top of them with a broom, cleaning the debris from the ceiling.

‘Now that’s teamwork,’ Allan said, as he nodded approvingly.

‘This is super gross,’ groaned Neil, stacking all the saturated carboard into a pile.

‘Stop complaining,’ said Amy. She emptied the water out of an adaptor over Neil’s head and he screamed as a tiny fish slid down the back of his shirt.

‘This is going to take forever!’ said Allan, wiping the sweat from his brown.

Suddenly, a Taipan branded Mazda 2 zoomed into the warehouse.

‘Not on my watch!’ said Linda, stepping out of the front seat. She opened the back door and a whole fleet of Taipan team members filed out.

‘What kind of clown car are you driving?’ said Allan, as the warehouse filled up with people.

‘Oh, so you can drive a submarine but Linda can’t have a clown car?’ said Amy. ‘Typical.’

‘Alright, everybody,’ shouted Linda. ‘Let’s get this place back in shape!’

With a few hours of hard work, the warehouse was starting to look like its old self once more.

‘Is that it?’ said Sammy. ‘Are we done?’

‘Not quite,’ said Allan.

Amy frowned. ‘Well, what now?’

‘Now we see who else we can help,’ said Linda. ‘Come on, team, we’ve got more work to do!’

She ushered everybody out the door and the entire team piled into the Mazda 2. The car pulled out onto the road. Team Taipan were ready for their next adventure.

‘Um, guys?’ said Troy, peering down from the top of the forklift. ‘Can someone get me down?…Hello?’