The Don

“You want to be a part of this world Jimmy? You want to play with the big boys? You willing to get your hands dirty, Jimmy?” said The Don in a husky voice as he sat behind his large mahogany desk sipping scotch. “Take this knife and cut it.” He challenged.

Jimmy looked confused. “Cut what?”

“The hose Jimmy, cut it!”

“You mean like this?” Jimmy grabs the hose and attempts to cut a length off it.

The gangsters in the room burst into laughter.

“He doesn’t know what to do!” one laughed.

“He’s never skived before, can’t even make a hose,” another mocked.

“Skive?” Jimmy asks.

The room erupts in laughter with continued mocking.

“I’ve made thousands of hoses and never had to skive once!” Jimmy says with a bit of bravado.

The Don slowly wiping tears away from his eyes looks confused, “What do you mean you’ve never skived before?” The others in the room still laughing.

“I use Taipan’s one-piece fittings, and they’re all non-skive hoses.” Jimmy smirks.

“What about the 100R15-24, surely you need to skive those?” asks The Don, still wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.

“No,” says Jimmy very matter-of-fact, “not even the 2-inch stuff either”.

Suddenly the laughter in the room stops with all the gangsters bringing their gaze to Jimmy.

Jimmy pulls out a Taipan hose and tail end and with a simple slide of the tail over the hose and a quick crimp the hose is complete.

Tears start rolling down The Don’s face as he looks at Jimmy in disbelief.

“All that time we wasted! We could have been doing other things instead of skiving!” The Don cries, “I missed my son’s 13th birthday because I had to skive hoses!” The Don slams his hand down on the desk.

At this point the whole room erupts into uncontrollable crying. The gangsters continue to hug each other, as they sadly realise all the time wasted skiving hose falls upon them. So many moments they missed and could never be given back…