The ultimate Xmas Gift

It was dark outside as Jade crept from his bed and out to the lounge room. Squinting his eyes, he could see five piles of presents individually set out around the room. He shuffled closer searching each pile for his name. Jade was so excited when he discovered a huge parcel with his name on it. He crept back to bed and pretended to go back to sleep…… 

At exactly 6.30 am he had had enough. Come on you sleepyheads, he said to his family. Santa has left us some presents, let’s go and open them.  

Jades three boys Mitch 14, Dakota 7 and the youngest AJ having celebrated his 4th birthday just three days earlier, yawned, flopped from bed to floor and dragged themselves across the carpet.  It had been a big night, his wife Joanne’s $356.72 Stefano hair design was now a birds nest strangling the upper regions of her head and oh, was that just a little bit of dribble dried on the collar of her Jarmies from her final swig of wine? 

Jade couldn’t wait, he began opening the little presents first. 

“A drone complete with rotating 54 Mega Pixel camera and 16 hour Narcad Lithiate battery”, gee thanks Uncle Eddie, Jade smiled, gazing in the direction of where he thought his uncles house in  Melbourne would be, but you could hear the “boring” slip from behind Jades fake yawn as he slid to the other side of his pile. 

Socks from his sister in law Elle, a Star Wars Jabberwocky  doll from the twins Cherikee and Felix and a spoon with a short rubber string attached to a plastic egg from Neil, the homeless guy who the family didn’t even know but who seemed to turn up at BBQs and functions. Jade looked down, “Lame Neil”, he said as his eyes refocussed on the large parcel. 

Next, he opened a brand spanking Xbox elite complete with Yakuza. He flung it to the side. 

Not even the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur fishing reel from his dad Troy could keep his attention. 

Jades determination to get to the big present at the bottom of the pile sent electricity hurtling through every single person in the room. 

Finally, he pushed all his presents into a pile behind him and began tearing at the paper of the large round parcel. The entire family stopped and stared, Jade could not contain his excitement. “I think I know what it is, I think I know what it is!” “Oh my goodness, I think I know what it is”. 

His wife Joanne who was now combing her hair with her fingers, “What is it Jade?”  

Jade turned and as he turned Jo could see tears welling up inside his eyes. He leaned over and gave her the worlds biggest hug. I can’t believe you would do this for me. I love you so much.  

What is it Mitch, Dakota and AJ all said at once?

Jade tore the final side of paper away, looked at his family, tears now streaming down his face and said, “It’s a roll of Taipan 100R2-08”.
A roll, a roll of it. I can’t believe it. 

To the side was strapped a small clear plastic bag with four steel fittings inside. Jades heart melted. K08JF12s he murmured as the uncontrollable sobbing broke the surface of his voice box.  

It was our life savings said Jo, but you are worth it Jade, you are worth it.

To the top of the roll Jade saw a round sticker that read, “this order was hand packed by “Santa Claus”. With a picture of Santa on a forklift. The perfect touch and ending to what was now Jades best Xmas ever.

The boys yelled in excitement, “We want one, we want one”, but Jade was having none of it. Jade sat with his Taipan 2 wire late into the evening until, as the sun rose to bring in the new day, he finally fell asleep. 

This really was the best Xmas ever.