A long time ago in a warehouse far, far away there was……… Crimp Wars!

We meet the young hero Neil Skyscraper fighting his arch nemesis Darth Skiver at the Sphere of Doom hose assembly plant. Neil begins to move along the railing and up to the control room. Darth Skiver lunges at him and Neil raises his lit sword to meet Darth Skivers. Sparks fly as they duel. Darth Skiver forces Neil back towards the gantry.

Darth Skiver: “You are beaten! It is useless to resist, do not let yourself be destroyed!”
The struggle continues as Neil tries not to give in.

Darth Skiver: “Neil, you do not realise the importance of Skiving, you have not begun to see its power. You have only begun to discover hydraulic hose and fittings. Join me and I will complete your hose assembly training. With our strength combined, we can corner the market!” An evil laugh erupts from Darth Skiver.

Neil Skyscraper shouts back: “I will never join you!”

Darth Skiver: “If you only knew the power of Skiving. Allan-Wan never told you about skiving did he?”

Neil Skyscraper : “He told me enough! He told me how you cut and destroyed hose unnecessarily before crimping!”

Darth Skiver: “Did he tell you that Skiving was the original way that all hose and fittings were crimped?”

Neil Skyscraper : “No, no, that is not true! That’s impossible.”

Neil starts to stumble as he tries to process what has just happened.

Darth Skiver: “Search your feelings. You know it to be true.”

Neil Skyscraper : “No! No!”

Darth Skiver: “Neil, you can join me. It is your destiny. Join me and together we will skive hoses together. With our strength combined, we can corner the market! Come with me. It is the only way.”

Darth Skiver puts his sword away and holds out his hand. A calming sensation comes over Neil as he makes his decision.

Neil steps off the gantry platform into space. The dark lord looks over the platform and watches Neil falling far below. The wind begins to blow at Darth Skivers cape. The gust soon fades, and the hurt hose technician drops fast, unable to grab anything to break his fall…