When the Going Gets Tough

Remember last time, drought had crippled the country, Chinese sanctions had decimated coal. An emergency meeting was taking place in Taipan’s Head Office Boardroom. Linda had conjured up a bold new plan to get Taipan out of the red. I want to see everyone here 10.00am sharp tomorrow morning………….

Good morning everyone,  

Thanks for coming, let’s get straight into it. Here are your brand-new uniforms. Let’s get them on and make a start.  

Three minutes later everyone was back, in three lines, facing the 300cm TV on the far end wall.  

A giggle broke out from the back row.  

“Shut up”, said Amy, “or you’ll be in the front row with Pauline, Linda and I”.  

“We weren’t laughing at you” said Cherokee, as Allan stood back up after dropping his pencil.  

“Not funny”, Allan retorted.  

Craig looked down his body, “you owe me big time Allan, if we weren’t going bad…..”.

The music started. The extremely familiar Donna Summer hit song “Hot stuff” blurted from the intercom. 

“And right two three four, left two three four, bend forward and backward and high leg jolt”, Linda bellowed instructions as the music blared.  

Four minutes later as Donna built to the climax of the chorus. “Hot stuff baby now…”, “and pull”, everyone yanked at their clothes, the Velcro split.

“And turn for the final bow and down you go”, yelled Linda.  

Rob, Taipan’s accountant burst into the room.  

Twenty-seven bare bottoms stared him in the face.

“Eeeeek, what the heck”, he screeched! 

He turned to Linda, squinting, “I have found it! The missing money! We left off a zero, the company is fine”. 

“You are kidding!”, yelled Craig and Owen at the same time, “pass me that fig leaf right this minute”. For the second time in two days, Craig stormed from the room, only this time it was a different set of cheeks doing the wobbling.

Rob thrust a paper into Linda’s hand. She looked up at the team……

“As you were”.