Financial independence

by Allan Sandilands


A famous businessman once said, “If you are not working 100 hours a week, you’ll never do any good”. Which, in my opinion, is total rubbish. You should be doing at least 120! Haha, just kidding!

What works for one person may not work for another. We are all unique.

I have listened to all the positive speaker CDs, read so many books, been to the seminars and asked so many mentors and advisors how to become wealthy, it’s not funny. My trouble was, I was always looking for the answers to do well, the exact steps to make success a reality. The trouble is, no one was ever going to give me those steps. Why? Because they are not me.

Let’s take a look at what it takes to fulfill your dreams and become financially independent. We may not have all the answers, but after asking a few people in our company, who seem to have their act together, here’s five things we’ve come up with:

1. Choose the Correct Path.

Find something you love doing and make that your career choice. If you love something, you are naturally more passionate about it and that passion radiates to the people you encounter. If nothing else, you will love going to work. Important note: Becoming financially independent isn’t reserved for entrepreneurs and business owners.  There are millions of everyday people who have achieved huge success working for someone else.

2. Create a Meticulously well thought out and Documented Plan.

Spend some time planning and document it all. This provides a visual platform and gives you a reference point. Writing stuff down on a piece of paper or in a document has an uncanny way of changing our perception of the content. It seems to change it into a conscience document which can work as a positive to keep you on track. Remind yourself that this is your plan, you wrote it, so you can change it.

3. Seek Expert Advice.

The more expertise you have, the better. I am not sure you have to learn everything yourself all the time but learning and taking advice from people who are experts in their field, can save you years of learning from the school of hard knocks. You don’t ask a plumber to come measure up your window curtains, so don’t do the same when planning your financial independence. Surround yourself with people who are far smarter than yourself and it can only help you improve your own knowledge.

4. Start, Just Start. 

One of the most common reasons for someone never reaching their goals is procrastination. I find making a start cures many deficiencies of the plan. Part of the fun of life is the adventure and every action carries an element of risk. I once heard a saying that’s worth mentioning.

A guy wanted to start a business but couldn’t get past the risk and was explaining this to a friend. The friend replied:

Business is risky, heck everything is risky. Life’s risky. I’ll tell you how risky life is, you ain’t gonna come out alive, that’s how risky life is”.

When you look at things in that light it places some perspective on risk, just start.

5. Review Often.

Look forward and plan for the future but use your history to check up on yourself. What worked and what needs to be changed or improved? Remember to celebrate the wins, it will keep you motivated.

Coming out of school where they teach very little about the real world, I was forever looking for the answers to do well. What I didn’t understand is, it’s not the answers you need, it’s the reasons. Finding a genuine reason that fills you with enough passion to last a lifetime, will set you on a journey of discovery that you will never want to end and you will find every answer you’ve ever looked for.

For some additional inspiration, if you haven’t before, have a listen to Navy Seal Admiral William H.McRaven. This is the short six-minute version and well worth the watch.