Life after Covid-19

by Allan Sandilands

Nothing surer than this pandemic coming to an end. What’s even better for the Australian public than knowing they can head back to the beach, is knowing how their future is going to pan out. On Thursday last week I was fortunate enough to listen in on a live stream with some of the world’s leading supply chain management experts…….

These particular guys were French, some living in Australia and some in France.

It seems the worlds new focus is how to exit this lock down situation without imploding or exploding. What we learned was some mind sets have changed or at least altered slightly.

Apparently, the global economy we’ve all been focusing on and pushing for over the last 50 years is not all it’s cracked up to be. Not now that we’ve seen China dictate where all our masks, hand sanitiser, medical supplies and a raft of other extremely essential commodities will be used.

Apparently, we are not keen on repeating the experiences of this pandemic and let’s face it, it’s not going to be the last disruption to our lives as we know them.

No, countries are going to take the vast majority of these products back in house, produce at home and protect our future.

That all sounds cool in theory but there’s the small fact of production cost that has not been tabled during this discussion, so unless either the Australian Government subsidise these manufacturing ventures and introduce a new pandemic prevention tax to cover the costs or us plebs take a dramatic drop in annual salary, they are going to struggle.

The other major to come from the video conference was the future forecast modelling. They began with a very positive outlook, one where I couldn’t tell where the crisis started and where it finished. Things were rosy, my heart fluttered and I was temporarily in the Bahamas on my brand new launch sipping Margaritas and asking my 23 year old bikini clad masseuse to shift her grip a little higher to the base of my neck, ahhh that’s better…I was jolted back to the room as they moved on to scenario two, then three and four.

Turns out these poor French men had as good an idea about what’s going to happen as my pet dog. All the while remembering these guys are world leaders in their field!

What they did do well was forecast. They had so many different scenarios mapped out we could have filled the Vatican with new tapestry.

Preparation is the key and we should prepare for whatever it is that is about to happen to our 25 million strong and proud economy. The better prepared, the softer the blow.

And some are saying it was all on purpose…that’s another story entirely.