What is Taipan’s business model and what constitutes an authorised stockist

by Allan Sandilands

How about we come clean with our business model. What is it that’s going through our heads when we walk through the office door each morning?


The fact is, we are a little company that got big. Not real big like most of our competitors, just big, or at least it feels like it.

Just like every business, we are learning as we go, and we certainly do not claim to get everything right.

Today we are doing our best to look after the people that look after us and that’s you, but every now and then we are going to cross the line. We are going to call on one of your customers or competitors.

Traditional Sales Reps are torn because traditionally sales teams work from budgets and incentives. You know what I mean, the more sales they get, the more new customers they put on, the more they get paid.

We are changing that; we are on a journey to build relationships. Our sales team no longer receive traditional bonus structure incentives. Nowadays our entire team are rewarded, rewarded if they help a customer achieve their goals, help spread what we have learned and are still learning, help earn the right to our reputation and respect, help deliver a unique customer experience that we can genuinely say, “Geez this is cool”.

It may all sound corny and a crock of rubbish but today people seem to have forgotten why we go to work in the first place. It’s not all about money even though the money is an essential part of the business. Shouldn’t we be having a laugh with our work mates, bettering our skills, spending quality time with our families and building real meaningful relationships with our customers.

If you are bold enough to join us on that journey, we can change our industry for the better. If you are bold enough to discuss your challenges or our misgivings and work with us to improve together then we would love to have you as part of our team and what we call, an authorised “Local Stockist”.