This is my City

My name is Tony, and to Taipan City, I am known as T-Bone. I am a detective in this city. I clean up all the wickedness and scum that tries to infect this beloved city of mine. I am known for taking the law into my own hands. Justice is my creed.

Through the opaque glass, a tall silhouette womanly figure stands at my office door. The door knocks, I tell her to come in. Black high heels, black stockings, white dress with her midriff showing and long blonde hair covering her face. She moves her hair with her hand, turns out it’s Troy. Troy is one of my agents, deep undercover at a hose manufacturer, trying to find out information about a container of subpar hydraulic hose coming into the city. To this day, I still don’t know why he dressed like that, there was really no need, but I must say, he looks good in a dress.

Troy begins to give his information to me. How he got it, I don’t want to know. He did find out a few interesting things though. Mr X is bringing in a container of subpar hose that lands in Taipan City in two nights.

We had to move quick. We found out who the buyers were in Taipan City and after ruffing them up a bit, we took their place. We waited at the docks until the container showed.

Another car pulled up, flashed their headlights, we replied in kind. May be the sellers, I thought to myself. Troy and I got out and stood in front of the car.

“Mr X?” I said inquisitively.

“No, he couldn’t make it, and you won’t make it out of here either, T-Bone”.

Suddenly Troy pulls a gun on me.

“Sorry T-Bone, but this is the way it’s gotta be” and with that Troy pulled the trigger. As I was falling to the ground, you may have thought I felt betrayed, but no, Troy would never. It was a ploy, Troy was playing a double agent. This was the plan the whole time. If MR X wasn’t at the sale, Troy was to flip and make it look like he betrayed me and get in deep with the gang.

Now I need to lay low, leave the city I love to protect, let Troy do his job. One day I’ll be back, and on that day, the clean-up begins again.