Agents Double A – Part 2  

Grace Hassell

Turning around they were face to face with their nemesis, Red. “I knew work this sloppy could only be done by you,” said Armand glaring daggers. “Maybe it was sloppy to lure in the best agents Adelaide had to offer, I’m sure your egos let you think this was easy, rather than a trap,” said Red, a dastardly smile across his face. Alex and Armand looked at each other in concern. “Boss, what about the Bank Vault?” said one of the goons. “Not happening, it was all a ploy, now to reveal their identities so they can never work in this world again” Red stepped forward reaching for Alex’s mask. “Wait” Armand piped up. “Ahh, a volunteer to go first then,” said Red changing his target… 


On the other side of town near the bank vault, the waiting goons were being attacked left and right by a woman they’d never seen before. One of them grabbed their radio trying to warn Red, “BOSS, there is another agent here,” the goon was knocked out cold. There was radio silence before a woman’s voice rang through, “Hang tight Double-A”. 


Back on Torrens Island. 

Red froze, “What? How can that be possible, you two work alone !?!” Red said running over, ripping the radio off one of his goon’s chest. “Hello, hello can you hear me? Over” Red said in a panicked tone desperately gripping the radio. There was nothing… He turned to the duo who were smirking at him. “You two, what have you done,” said Red seething in anger. 


On the other side of town… 

“That’s all of them,” said the woman clapping her hands together in delight. Her earpiece went off, “Good work Agent AMZ, I have eyes on agents Double-A, they’re in a bit of a pickle, the infamous Adelaide Red is here, and they’re surrounded by 4 goons, quickly, you need to meet up with agent LAN, I’ll be there soon” said Agent PAL hacking into the surrounding cameras. 

It wasn’t long before Agent AMZ was able to arrive at Torrens Island. Here she met up with Agent LAN. “What’s going on,” she whispered. “Red is monologuing which is great because it gives us enough time to stop their identities from being revealed” Agent LAN explained putting his hand up for a high five. ‘Smack,’ the crisp high-five echoed through the trees. “What was that? Was that your backup, not very sneaky are they,” said Red tauntingly. “We’re not trying to be,” said Agent AMZ stepping out from the bushes. 

Alex used the distraction to charge and jump on one of the goons tackling him with his hands still tied behind his back. Armand used his head to headbutt another goon. Agent AMZ and LAN jumped into action as well, taking on the two other goons. Once they were defeated it didn’t take long for them to notice “Red is making a run for it” exclaimed Alex as his restraints were being cut. ‘Smack’ Red was whacked across the face with a laptop, “No he’s not” said Agent PAL stepping out from the shadows. “Good timing,” said Agent AMZ. 


After all that commotion and chaos, the next day had already begun. The duo had saved the day and made it to work on time. If today wasn’t a special day, they would have called off sick. They were expecting guests, some of the Taipan Team from Caboolture had come down to see how Adelaide was doing. 

“After everything that went on yesterday, I’m not sure if I’m ready to meet the Caboolture team,” said Armand yawning. “It’ll be fine, they came all this way. Oh! That must be them” said Alex watching a black car pull up. Three people walked out, “Hi nice to meet you, I’m Allan, this is Amy and Pauline, welcome to Taipan,” said Allan smiling. “You know what you all look very familiar,” said Armand holding out his hand. Allan stepped forward shaking his hand, it was the same handshake Agent LAN had given him last night. “No, I don’t believe we’ve met,” Allan said giving him a wink.