The Monthly Wrap Up

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Taipan? Thanks to the new monthly ‘Hose Down’, we’re giving you the opportunity to take a sneak peek behind the curtain at what our team has been up to lately!

Driving me crazy

Out on another road trip Amy and Al are headed around Southeast NSW. They’ve seen rain, shine and even snow in the rightfully named, Snowy Mountains. Of course, no Aussie road trip is complete without seeing your fair share of wildlife. This time around two standouts were the magnificent wombats and a particular seagull battling to eat a piece of caramelised onion. Talking about tucker, Amy and Al fuelled this grand trip with a grand variety of delicacies; chips, muesli bars and popcorn. Diet of champions! Overall, the pair agree that this was a fabulous sales trip as they always enjoy visiting Taipan customers.

BTS Coastrek Filming

Coastrek might be done and dusted but it is never too late to peer behind the curtains of production. Organised by Taipan’s marketing team, the Coastrekkers were dressed for perfection with Al front and centre as the trainer. Despite the wind whipping up a sandstorm, malfunctioning drones and the sun beaming down on them, some pretty incredible footage was taken. Although one thing people always forget about is the retakes. What we know that you don’t is, Al ate enough sugar to give him diabetes and the girls did enough push-ups to last them a century. With hours of footage whittled into 40 seconds, the team were able to gather more attention and keep fundraising for the cause. If you want to learn more about the behind-the-scenes let us know or check out the video at the very bottom of this page!

Making Waves

The last time you would have heard the name Zephron was back in May when this Warehouse Supervisor hit his 5-year milestone with Taipan. Two months later we are congratulating him once again. Why, you might ask. As of July, Zephron is Rocklea’s newest Branch Manager. Not only that, he is the youngest person to get this position in Taipan history. What an amazing feat. Congratulations Zephron, you’ve gone through a trial of fire, or in this case flood, to get here, but it is much deserved. All the best in your new position, we know you’ll shine.

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Check out a snippet of the behind-the-scenes where the Coastrek team got ready to take on 60km!

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