Steve the Snake Wrangler

Note: This Story is based off true events.

Part 1

The morning started as usual; Steve woke up from a good night’s sleep, he got the kids ready for school, and dropped them off at Helping Hands before-school-care as normal. Halfway to work he gets a phone call from Helping Hands:

“Mr. Willis there has been an incident and we need you to pick up your child! Your daughter has had an accident and needs medical treatment!”

“@#%$!! Okay, I’m on my way!” replied Steve.

As he is about to pull up to the school, his phone rings:

“Mr. Willis the incident is resolved! It was only a light cut; we’ve given her a band aid and she is now running around completely fine.”

“Argh ok, thanks for letting me know.”

Part 2

Steve turns the car around and heads back to work, thinking that as long as the traffic isn’t too bad, he’ll still make it in time. He heads into the tunnel towards Moorooka when he sees red and blue lights come on behind him. A police car zips around him before calling out on the PA system from the car: “Sir follow me.” They turn the corner onto Hamilton Rd and pull the car over, flagging Steve in. Steve was second guessing himself, was he speeding? Did he run a red light? What did he do?

Steve rolls down his window as the officer approaches:

“Sir, we have a large Snake sighting and people are very concerned. When we saw your car, we couldn’t believe our luck, as we were told the nearest snake catcher was over an hour away!” 

“Hey officer, you didn’t read the writing on the car, did you? I am a Customer Relations Manager for Taipan Hydraulic Hose Systems, we sell hydraulics, I’m not a snake catcher!” Steve replies.

“Well why the bloody hell do you have a big Snake all over your car?!”

“Because the name of the company is TAIPAN!”

“Fine… have a good day Sir,” said the police officer, before they sped off into the distance.

Great, thought Steve, now I’m going to be late for work.