The Missing Hampers  

“What do you mean you’re missing one?” asked Amy concerned. “I mean we’re missing one” said Mitch over the phone. “Okay I’ll call Mum,” Amy said hanging up. This was the 4th Branch Manager today to report back with the same news… 

“Hi Mum, small problem, every Branch is missing a Christmas hamper, did you count them right?” asked Amy panicked. Loo laughed “Of course I counted them right, wait, every Branch?” “Yes, every branch is missing one! That’s why I’m so worried” Amy replied. Loo frowned, “don’t worry Amy, I will sort this one out,” said Loo. 

Loo hung up and pulled out her phone to check her hamper tracker. Her eyes widened. The missing hampers were all over the place. “How could the post have gotten them so muddled?” Loo muttered to herself. With a deep sigh she declared “Guess I have no choice, I’ve gotta chase down those hampers”. 

Hours had passed and Amy was starting to worry, she called Loo again. “Can’t talk right now, I’ll call you in a bit” replied Loo hanging up. Climbing on top of the speed boat, Loo took a deep breath, swinging her Lasso. That was it! She caught the passing cargo ship and began to abseil up the side towards one of the port windows. 

Once on the ship, Loo searched for the missing hampers. Only two could be found so she decided to head to the Captain’s quarters, where she began explaining her situation. “How do you intend to get off the ship and search for the rest? We’ll be on the sea for a week!” the Captain asked.  

“Don’t you worry, Captain. I will sort this one out,” Loo said, making her way to the Lido deck. Suddenly, a chopper appeared, and a ladder was relayed down. Loo climbed up and was off, hampers in hand. 

Once at Uluru, Loo’s phone was ringing again, this time it was Allan. “Loo, where are you?” he asked. “I’m in the outback. Oops, gotta go,” Loo replied hurriedly, hanging up. 

Approaching a Park Ranger, she asked if any Christmas hampers had been accidentally delivered there. The ranger handed Loo two more hampers, and after asking nicely gave her a lift to the local airport. 

“How are you going to find the last hamper? It’s so far away,” the ranger asked. 

“Don’t you worry, Ranger. I will sort this one out,” Loo said, heading into the airport. 

After hours of travel, she had finally arrived at the destination of the last hamper. Shivering, Loo knocked. A large man in a red suit opened the door. “Hello, do you have a Taipan Christmas hamper that was delivered here by mistake?” asked Loo. “Why yes, we do, we were wondering who made such a lovely gift,” Santa said with a chuckle. “Oh, that would be me” replied Loo. Santa smiled in delight and invited Loo in for tea in exchange for a hamper demonstration. 

After the demonstration, she was given the last hamper. “Now I just need to get back to Australia, I’m not sure I’ll make it in time though” Loo said with a sigh. “Don’t you worry Loo; I will sort this one out,” Santa said with a twinkle in his eye leading her to his sleigh. 

It had been a long day and all the hampers were finally home, that’s when Loo’s phone rang, it was Amy again. 

 “Mum, how’d you do it in time?” Amy asked.  

“Well, you know me Amy, I just pulled a few strings, nothing major”.