December 2023

The Monthly Wrap Up

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Taipan? Thanks to the new monthly ‘Hose Down’, we’re giving you the opportunity to take a sneak peek behind the curtain at what our team has been up to lately!

What’s been happening and what’s coming up in December for the Taipan Team? 

With Christmas preparations in full flight, we have had so much on in each of the Branches that it’s hard to keep up.

If you missed it in on our social media stories, Melbourne worked extremely hard to ensure their Halloween costumes were runway worthy! We think they have done a totally epic job! So much so that we are going to get the whole team involved next year. With costumes like these it’s going to be hard to compete!

In Other News…

We had the fabulous Alicia from our Perth Branch take out the winning spot for our annual “Fashion in the Factory” with a Melbourne Cup hat that left the rest of us at the starting gates! Just kidding, we had some epic creations, with so many awesome choices the judges had their work cut out for them.

Christmas Prep

Throughout all the Branches it’s been all hands on deck to get the place looking as festive as can be, we’re loving the new wreath in Head Office, so much so, that we might even leave it there all year round!

Here at Taipan, we have an annual tradition of creating a personalised staff “Where’s Wally” to summarise the year and all the cool things the team has been up to. We’ll be sure to share this with you when it’s released – with a prize for the first person to correctly guess/ find 10 of our team members in this year’s scene!

That’s it from us until February guys, we have had an epic year, jam-packed with some awesome moments.

Thanks for all the laughs and for making our jobs so much fun to come to!

See you in the new year!

Melbourne sets the bar high for next year’s Halloween competition!

Alicia from Perth takes out the winning spot for our Melbourne Cup hat competition. Congratulations!

Our beautiful new Christmas wreath makes its debut at the Caboolture reception. Isn’t she a beauty!

What’s happening on our social media?

Check out some awesome highlights from this year’s Strategy Day – if you make it to the end, we guarantee you’ll be wishing you were the new Demi Moore!

Head over to our socials to see more!

Head over to our socials to see more!