Agents Double A – Part 1  

Grace Hassell

“A1, did you hear about” before Armand could finish what he was saying he was shushed by Alex. “Don’t refer to me as that name during work hours Armand!” Alex instructed looking around to ensure no one else in the warehouse heard. “Right sorry Alex, I’ll tell you in some other way” said Armand in a hushed tone before going back to work. Alex made his way back to his office; it wasn’t an easy feat to be a Branch Manager by day and a super-agent by night. However, it was for the greater good and that made it all worthwhile. 


“Lunch!” Armand exclaimed stretching, it’d been a long day, but he knew it’d be an even longer night… He just needed to tell Alex in some way. “Oh Armand, hi” Alex said, his mouth half full of a sandwich. “Hi Alex” replied Armand whipping out a pen and jotting something on a napkin quickly. Suddenly an employee walked in, thank God he had just finished, “You have a little something” he told Alex. Armand tapped his face in code to let Alex know not to throw the napkin away before handing it over. “Thank you, Armand,” Alex said before getting up to leave. 

After wiping his face and wetting the napkin the message was revealed ‘Torrens Island, Power station, explosion, robbery’ “That’s not good” Alex muttered.  


As the moon hung high in the night sky the duo had taken to the water, making their way across to Torrens Island using a mix of the ocean and the shadows as their cover. Approaching the shore, they could hear light conversation 

“A2 the night-vision goggles” Alex whispered, holding out his hand. “There is 10 of them… easy work!” said Armand zooming in before handing Alex his pair. “What do you think they’re planning A1?” asked Armand. Alex pulled out a radio changing through the channels until he heard a familiar voice. “Let’s find out!” he answered placing the radio close to their ears. “You’ll get the damn signal when we blow this place sky high okay, over,” said the familiar voice. “Then we use the power outage to rob the vault. No lasers, nothing. The police will be rushing to get to the island, nobody can stop us now, over”. Alex and Armand paused to look at each other and nodded, it was time to head in. 

The Power station was surrounded by pairs of guards, 8 to be exact and 2 men inside. To anyone else this might seem threatening but to the double agent duo, this was a Sunday morning stroll. “What was that” one of the guards said watching the grass move. Slowly a smoke bomb rolled out clicking against their feet. As it exploded Alex and Armand moved in knocking the coughing guards unconscious and tying them up. “That’ll keep them out of trouble” Alex mused. 

“What was that smoke!” Another pair of guards were quickly approaching. Armand sighed, running towards them “Hey you, this is a restricted area,” said a guard. Armand continued to run towards them and proceeded to use a series of martial arts techniques to down both the guards. “Show off” Alex said as Armand tied them up. “They were literally asking for it” Armand replied shrugging. 

Stealthily they snuck around undetected using their knowledge of pressure points and choke holds to knock out another two guards. “4 to go” whispered Armand. “What the…” the guards that were supposed to be at their post weren’t there. “Freeze” said the familiar voice from earlier. Both the agents put their hands above their heads. 

Turning around they were face to face with…. 

To be continued next month…