JULY 2023

The Monthly Wrap Up

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Taipan? Thanks to the new monthly ‘Hose Down’, we’re giving you the opportunity to take a sneak peek behind the curtain at what our team has been up to lately!

Neil and Sammy’s European Adventure 

After a fantastic 18-day adventure, we’re overjoyed to welcome back our dynamic duo: Sammy, the mastermind R&D Manager, and Neil, the CEO of Operations. Their escapade in Europe was not only a blast but also taught them some unforgettable lessons: 

  1. Personal space is no joke! Those grueling 30-hour flights taught them the true meaning of “Give me some breathing room!” Who knew that being crammed in a metal tube for hours could be so enlightening? 
  1. Driving on the “wrong” side of the road is an adventure in itself! Sammy and Neil embraced the challenge, gracefully navigating through the European streets, dodging roundabouts like seasoned race car drivers. 
  1. Speed limits? Pfft! They discovered how exhilarating it is to zoom from point A to point B at a cool 130 km per hour. But watch out for those taxi drivers! One sudden stop had them experiencing some unexpected whiplash—talk about a wild ride! 

Our explorers were on a mission to conquer the business world, but they also had a blast! They met incredible suppliers, gained valuable knowledge, and forged lifelong connections. With cherished memories and overflowing excitement, Sammy and Neil deemed this trip a resounding success! 

Farm Fest is Finished!

As Owen’s suitcases barely had time to rest after his previous field day adventure in Tassie, the Caboolture and Rocklea crews eagerly set off on a thrilling expedition to Toowoomba, all geared up to attend the exhilarating Elder’s Farm Fest! The weather was kinder this time, no gas heater needed! Days were filled with exciting wheel spinning, epic prize-winning moments, coffee-fuelled fun, and lots of mingling with the locals. Our Marketing team also made a splash, showcasing their expertise at Farm Fest. Taneka, our Junior Marketing Assistant, had a fantastic time at her first field day event. There’s really no downside to mention—well, except for the surprisingly long queue of eager attendees. But hey, it’s a testament to Farm Fest’s immense popularity as the must-attend event in town! Now, get ready for our next big adventure in the vast expanse of Western Australia. Mark your calendars for Dowerin’s Field Days on August 30th-31st, where you’ll witness Taipan in action. It’s going to be extraordinary! 

The amazing Adelaide.

With each passing month, our Adelaide branch is soaring to new heights, steadily expanding its team. Can you believe it? The Adelaide team has grown by a staggering 33%—now that’s something to get excited about! Our Managing Director, Allan, and the Sales and Marketing Director, Amy, felt it was high time they paid a visit to personally welcome the fresh faces on board. However, their stay was short-lived as they embarked on a daring mission that most would hesitate to undertake. Brace yourselves! The dynamic duo embarked on an epic journey, driving nearly 2000km around the breathtaking Eyre Peninsula to connect with customers. And rumour has it, they had an absolute blast along the way!

What’s happening on our social media?

Ever wonder what our CRM’s get up to at our field days? Check out Owen and Steve’s epic Toowoomba FarmFest adventure. They had a blast meeting locals, checking out the animals, and eating some great food!