Meteorite Madness 

Written by Grace Hassell

“What is that?” Madison said spotting something unusual moving through the sky. Standing up she made her way towards the glass squinting at the small black dot growing larger with every second. “What’s up?” Asked Paris making her way over. Madison pointed at the trail of smoke which ended in a now larger black spot. “Maybe it’s a letter writing plane…” Paris suggested. While they were throwing ideas back and forth Phil walked into the room “Why are you two standing by the window?” he said. “Watching this weird sky dot” replied Madison. It wasn’t long before they were all lined up at the window watching this thing grow larger as it came closer. 

Suddenly Zephron entered the room slamming the door open, phone in hand. “Did you get the emergency alert?” he asked. Pulling out their phones one by one they saw the local shire notification. Emergency announcement ‘Space Asteroid plummeting towards Earth, landing in Rocklea area’. “What are we supposed to do, is it going to crush the warehouse?” asked Paris looking at Zephron, her face was filled with concern. “It’ll be fine, Rocklea is a big…” before Zephron could finish delivering his words of reassurance all their phones buzzed. “That’s our address,” said Phil reading his phone. The asteroid was heading directly for them. 

Zephron gathered everyone in the warehouse evacuating them. The road was now full of employees as everyone stood waiting for the asteroid to crash into their warehouse. “First the floods last year and now an asteroid, Rocklea is cursed” muttered Phil. “Maybe it won’t hit” Jake piped up trying to be positive. “It’s amazing how there is literally no one else here” added Steve. Everyone looked around realising they were the only ones; it was a ghost town. “It is lunch, I’m not surprised” said Tua. Looking up most of them had now realised that this black dot that was getting closer to Earth wasn’t just any old asteroid… it was definitely a ship.  

The sounds of a failing engine echoed through the air as more grey smoke spluttered out, the ship that was now falling a lot slower. Closer and closer it came until… CRASH. The ship spun out in the car park giving the warehouse a near miss. Everyone let out a sigh of relief before going back to holding their breathe. Who was driving the ship? Was it aliens!?! 

The sound of beeping and whirring could be heard as the doors to the spaceship opened. Two entities made their way to the door shrouded in a cloud of smoke. Everyone watched, some in fright, others in interest. The first words that echoed out of this alien ship was “You have arrived at your destination” followed by coughing. The alien figures waved their hands in front of their face to disperse the smoke. “Are you sure we’re in the right place Lomb, they look shut” one of the aliens said. “Hello, do you need to meet our leader” asked Tua pointing at Zephron who slapped his hand out of the air. 

The aliens spun around staring at the Rocklea staff who were gathered on the road. “We’re in need of a hose, do you work at Taipan?” said the alien named Lomb. “My wife Kea and I had a breakdown just past Mars and needed a hose that only you guys sell, can you help us?” “We sure can, here let me help you out” said Peter stepping forward escorting them into Rocklea’s customer walk-in area. Peter talked details, what they needed, where they had come from, working to make them feel at home. It wasn’t long before Oliver walked in holding the hose they needed, “here” he said handing it to them. Zephron walked into the room soon after, he asked the alien couple “how’d you hear about us?” “About Taipan? Why Taipan has the best hydraulic hoses in the galaxy!” answered Kea. 

In a couple of minutes, Lomb had put the hose in place, and they were ready to go. Waving out the window they shot off into space much faster than when they landed.  

“The guys at Caboolture aren’t going to believe this,” said Troy.