JUNE 2023

The Monthly Wrap Up

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Taipan? Thanks to the new monthly ‘Hose Down’, we’re giving you the opportunity to take a sneak peek behind the curtain at what our team has been up to lately!

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 

Every year, the Taipan team selects three charities that hold a special place in our hearts. This year, the Cancer Council was one of the chosen charities. In May, all branches across Australia came together to make Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea an unforgettable event! The enthusiasm was contagious as our staff dressed up in vibrant yellow and purple, showing their support for the cause. Our hearts go out to those who are currently battling cancer, those who have bravely fought in the past, and those who have lost loved ones. Together, we can make a real difference. If you would like to contribute, there’s still an opportunity to donate. Just click below.

Ag-Fest Adjourned! 

We kicked off the year with a bang at our very first Field Day, and it was an epic adventure for our brand-new Victorian Customer Relations Manager, Johnny. It took a whirlwind of flights, a thrilling ferry ride across the Tasman, and a wild drive, but boy, was it worth it! Setting up camp was a breeze, and our boys had the luxury of a sizzling gas heater to keep them toasty in Tassie’s cool temperate climate. Armed with a truckload of awesome promo goodies and a mind-blowing prize, the Weber Baby BBQ, it’s no surprise our team came back empty-handed! The mind-blowing equipment exhibits were nothing short of spectacular, leaving everyone spoiled for choice. It’s impossible to pick just one favourite, but the helicopter ride had our adrenaline pumping like crazy! After having an absolute blast in Tassie, we’re already gearing up for our next Field Day. Catch us at the incredible FarmFest in Toowoomba QLD, from June 6th to 8th! Don’t miss out on the fun – see you there! 

Warehouse and the World! 

What’s been happening behind the scenes you ask?!  

What hasn’t been happening is more like it. Perth has been on fire lately, tackling some mammoth hose assembly jobs. The boys have been so flat out we’ve barely heard from them, and if you know Jade and Mitch, then that must mean they’ve been busy as😛  

In other news, our adventurous duo, Neil, the mastermind CEO of Operations, and Sammy, our brilliant R&D Specialist, hopped on a plane and jetted off to Europe just last week. Remember that mind-blowing trip we teased you about back in March? Well, folks, they’ve embarked on the adventure of a lifetime! While they’re out there exploring, forging new connections with suppliers, and having a ball, the rest of us will be holding down the fort. It’s hard not to be envious, but we know they’ll conquer every challenge with flying colours! Best of luck, you two, and have an absolute blast! 

What’s happening on our social media?

Ag-Fest was epic, you really had to be there to see it all but if you weren’t, don’t worry! The Taipan team has created a snippet of everything that was on offer, even the helicopter ride. If you want to experience a bit of Ag-Fest, check out our wrap up video!