Touch Down!  

Written by Grace Hassell

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky to stop the scorching rays of the sun beating down on the track. Celeste and Rick readied themselves in the announcement booth as the racers stepped out onto the bitumen, helmets in hand waving to the crowd. 

“Good morning folks”, Celeste said, her voice echoing into the microphone, “And welcome to the Taipan Tracks, where our best racers compete for the ultimate title of Racer Supreme”. The audience roared as the racers revved their engines.  

“This year our competitors are from our Melbourne branch, and you know how we love our races” added Rick. 

Beep, Beep, Beeeep the siren chimed as the countdown ended, and the squealing of tires began! Zooming down the track Austin took the lead with Natalie not far behind. Johnny turned his head, he could see Luke gaining on him. He slammed the pedal to the metal, trying to stay ahead. 

“Look at that, ladies and gentlemen, Luke is trying to trade places with Johnny,” said Celeste watching the pair battle it out. 

“They’re not the only ones,” said Rick. Midfield Rachael and Dylan were neck-and-neck… Then disaster struck. Overtaking Johnny, Luke clipped the back of Dylan. His spinning vehicle crashing into Rachael.  

“What a total wipe out, but all is fair game on the track,” said Celeste. The audience let out a sea of gasps. “That’s one way to kill 2 birds with one stone,” said Rick getting nudged by Celeste for his terrible joke. 

Suddenly, Johnny’s car came to a complete stop, no matter what he did it would not move. “Oh no, it looks like Johnny’s journey has come to an end,” said Celeste.  

“I knew there was something wrong from the start” added Rick shaking his head.  Johnny sighed in frustration exiting the race. 

Austin and Natalie were still at the front but, what’s this! Here comes Luke! Suddenly, a rocket launcher appeared out of Luke’s vehicle. There was a moment of silence as everyone watched the rocket head directly for Natalie. At the last second, she swerved. Dylan who was directly in front of her taking the hit. Natalie maneuvered around the smouldering vehicle while Luke used the chance to make up the distance. 

“Two can play dirty” Natalie muttered leaving a trail of bananas for Luke to spin out on, but he was too quick. Another button press from Luke and her vision was instantly blocked with ink.  

Luke had crossed the finish line. He jumped up cheering. 

“Legend!” cried Celeste.  

At that moment Neil walked upstairs, “Are you guys playing Mario Cart again?” “Get back to work you slackers!”