It’s Coming!

Written by Allan Sandilands

It was a special morning for the Taipan Team.

Covid was subsiding, interstate flights had recommenced, and the Taipan execs were keen to begin visits to the remote branches. 

The Sunday morning traffic was a little hectic but that didn’t dampen Amy and Allan’s spirits, because today was the day they were flying to Perth.  

The business lounge was still sparse and even the walk to the gate was a breeze.

‘Gate 19, gate 19,’ they chuckled. ‘Perth here we come!’

The dad and daughter duo entertained themselves by practicing their people watching skills.

Allan was in top form. ‘Did you notice that lady who gave me a really weird look?’

‘Yes,’ said Amy. ‘I think she was looking at you and asking her partner if he’d noticed the strange man staring at her.’

‘No,’ Allan said. ‘I think she was saying how incredibly handsome I am.’

The flight itself was pretty ordinary. There were no television screens, and Allan was stuck sitting next to the same lady he had been staring at not fifteen minutes prior.

The head winds were strong, and the plane was heading deep into the bite.

‘This is your captain speaking,’ said a voice over the intercom. ‘We’re currently travelling at 30,000 feet and oh-’

A small rumble of turbulence, a dip in altitude. A large rumble of turbulence, a large drop in altitude. 

Suddenly, their stomachs hit the roof of their mouths. The plane fell from the sky.

‘Looks like this is it,’ Allan said, as the plane plummeted downward. ‘Tell me, Amy, and be brutally honest. What would your one wish be if you could wish for anything right now?’

‘If we land in the ocean, I wish to be able to stand on your shoulders, so I can keep my head above the water!’ replied Amy.

‘Great,’ said Allan. ‘Trust me, Amy. Something good will come of this.’

The plane erupted into a mess of hysterical screams.

‘It’s been good, Amy,’ Allan said, as Amy squeezed her eyes shut and clenched the arm rests.

Counting down from 10, the two knew this was the end.

‘What the?’

A loud scraping noise emanated from the bottom of the Boeing 737. They looked out the window to see cars whizzing past in the opposite direction.

‘Oh my goodness, Dad. Look at that sign on the highway! We’ve landed in Wingfield, Adelaide!’

Dazed but safe, the two emerged from the plane to the sound of sirens and flashing lights. Like heroes from a Bruce Willis movie, they pushed past the medics and into their unexpected surroundings.  

They stood for a moment and looked around.

‘Wow,’ said Amy finally. ‘What a great place for our next warehouse!’ 

Get ready. It’s coming.