APRIL 2024

The Monthly Wrap Up

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Taipan? Thanks to the monthly ‘Hose Down’, we’re allowing you to take a sneak peek behind the curtain at what our team has been up to lately!


The Taipan team got spoilt rotten with some cute little bunny bums, not only were they filled to the brim with delicious chocolate treats, but there were 3 golden tickets hidden inside them. Luke from Melbourne, Felicity from Rocklea and Joe from Caboolture received an extra Easter treat! We think they were pretty happy.  

Staff Travel

Amy and Pauline headed over to Vietnam for a relaxing holiday – from climbing mountains, cruising out on a traditional junk-style boat in Ha Long Bay and drinking cocktails the trip sounds like it was extremely boring (We’re not jealous at all!). There was the assumption that the weather would be warm, so the summer wardrobe staples were packed, unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as balmy as anticipated. Jackets were required quite often! 

We had some visitors at our external branches – Melbourne had Neil and Troy visit. The Melbourne team welcomed Troy into their club and was included on the “Meet the Team” poster. Not sure if he chose the character himself, but we think it’s an accurate representation of him! 

Our Dream Mentor was released from her corner office in Melbourne to visit the boys in Adelaide, for a whole week. She gave them one day to adjust to her presence, and after that, she let loose sprinkling enthusiasm and positive vibes throughout the branch. She threw them a joint birthday party complete with party hats, balloons, and cake, with candles of course!! The boys were so sad to see her go that they almost cried – begging for her to stay. The photos seem to say otherwise… 

Footy Tipping

We told you that we were in for some battles with the launch of Taipan Tipping. It was obvious the NRL was the code of choice however there is healthy competition within the AFL department too. Although it’s only early, we have Luke Steger from Melbourne leading the NRL tipping and Austin Conolly also from Melbourne leading the AFL tipping. There is a decent prize pool on the line and as expected the competition is fierce! 

Remember the days when footy tipping was done on paper? We used to get a tipping card out of the newspaper and had to tally our tips…. Ahh, those were the days…  

What’s Coming Up

Our brilliant CRMs are busy planning for the Agfest Field Day in sunny Launceston in early May. Last year was such a blast (of icy cold wind) and this year will be no different, maybe with slightly warmer weather perhaps. Regardless, the guys will be decked out with smiles on ready to tackle whatever AgFest dishes out! We have said they need to give us all the photos – because pics or it didn’t happen, right?  


99 Bunny Bum Bags were sent out to all 5 branches, one for each of our Taipees! Inside were some delicious Cadbury chocolate eggs.

Cyclone Celetse visits the entirely male team at Adelaide for a few days.

Jade setting up for the Dowerin Field Days

What’s happening on our social media?

From CEOs to soccer mums, and everything in between, these women are owning it and showing the world what they’re made of. On International Women’s Day each year, we’re not just celebrating women – we’re celebrating unstoppable forces of nature who run the world! And when we come together, there’s nothing we can’t do.  



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