The Rise Of Taipan 2 Wire – Episode 2

Written by Allan Sandilands

Amy slid further, deeper into the matrix of her own mind where thoughts lay dormant. Thoughts of days gone by, of better times. Times when you could pull a lever in a digger and a bucket would tilt toward the ground. Pull another and you were in control of creating a brand-new hole in that ground. The beginnings of something new, someone’s brighter future, someone’s better life.   

It seemed to set off a spark. A faint memory bit at the edge of her mind. The words scratched their way to the surface of her throat and soared through the air for the world to hear. “If in doubt replace it with Taipan 100R2”.  

OMG, Amy screamed it again, “If in doubt replace it with Taipan 100R2”. Her mind flashed back to her days as secret agent 99.5 all those years ago at Christmas time when she wrangled the deadly 100R2.   

The spark in her mind transformed into a raging flame.   

Of course! …she ran through the streets dodging every nano vine fired in her direction, back to the old warehouse and its broken-down sign, back to the old reels of forgotten hydraulic hoses which were sitting as good as the day they were manufactured, the Taipan 100R2-08 smooth cover hose waited patiently.   

Amy grabbed a reel and Taipan’s original electric scooter and took to the streets. The coil unravelled to its full 100-meter single cut length, “Wow”, Amy whispered, she had forgotten the truly amazing qualities of her very own product. She threw an end to Neil, the extreme veteran, perched high in a government allocated nano tower. Whipping the ultra-flexible hose into the air and across the night sky Neil saw the rogue nano cabling shattering to their very core.   

The news spread like the wind and soon resistance fighters from all corners of the country were scouring Taipan’s extremely well stocked warehouses and whipping their way to freedom.   

The tide had turned, the war was over. People went back to their houses and their diggers and began to rebuild their lives, only this time they knew if ever technology posed a threat, Taipan 100R2 would be there. Taipan 100R2 would save the day.  


This story ends with Amy and Neil walking into the distance chatting,  

Amy: What do you reckon about 3D printing? Do you reckon it will ever replace hydraulics?  

Neil: Naa…  


The End.