APRIL 2023

Easter Trading Hours

With Easter fast approaching, we want to make sure we keep you in the loop.  

Check out the Public Holiday closures Taipan will be shut for this April: 

·        Friday the 7th of April – Good Friday  

·        Monday the 10th of April – Easter Monday  

·        Tuesday the 25th of April – Anzac Day  

Outside of these dates we’ll be working as usual! 

Have your say

In March some of Taipan’s biggest chiefs flew to NZ for a secret meeting……They haven’t breathed a word to the rest of us so what’s going on? Don’t tell me they are considering opening their next branch across the ditch!  

We want to hear what you think. Where should Taipan’s next branch be located? Send your suggestions to, and tell us why that location. 

Field days

If you haven’t seen our field day set up it’s worth a look…. 

Tasmania is this year’s first cab off the rank. The idea of attending field days is to get the brand out there and ensure your customers know that when they are using Taipan, they are using a quality product that lasts.  

If you want to know how to get the most out of promoting your business at field days, get a hold of our marketing team at