The Big Bang Theory     

The day: Friday 22nd of March 2024.  

The time: 11.13 am.  

The place: Taipan Caboolture Queensland.  

The megaphone roared, “Get down on the ground with your hands behind your back”.  

Sammy and Neil looked at each other.   

Multiple small red dots focused on their chests.  

“You don’t understand, we’ve done nothing wrong!” shouted Neil.  

A warning shot sailed past the two men’s heads. “Get down on the ground, NOW!” boomed the Swat team leader.   

Sammy and Neil dropped to the car park concrete.   

Six fully-armed men rushed in, the butt of a rifle connecting with the back of Neil’s head, and he went out cold.   

Sammy cuffed and Neil dragged, they were stuffed into the Police panel van and taken directly to Woodford Maximum Security Prison. The Swat team dispersed, and Taipan workers stood, dazed and confused as the two supposed terrorists disappeared out the driveway.   

Two hours and thirteen minutes earlier…  

“Hey Pauline, I have picked up the boys from the airport but me and Sammy are going to be a little late to the Management Meeting. We have a quick job to do!” yelled Neil as he walked briskly through the inward goods area.   

“No worries!” shouted Pauline.   

Pauline joined the rest of the Managers in the boardroom as Neil and Sammy gathered at the Impulse Tester.   

“Who asked you to test a competitor’s hose?” said Neil.   

“It’s a boom arch hose off some digger in one of the mines” replied Sammy. “It’s matched so this shouldn’t take long. Our customer JP wants to see if they’ll last in the field.”   

The two set up the two inch, six thousand PSI test and closed the lid of the tester. Sammy pushed the start button, watched the pressure build and stood back.   

BOOM!!! It was like someone had let off a bomb. One hosetail let go. It smashed straight through the side of the tester, flew across the road and shattered an office glass window.   

People were running and screaming, “BOMB, take cover!”  

A guy ran down the street yelling “get inside, get inside!”   

Taipan workers were in shock. The managers ran to the boardroom window to see what was going on. Suddenly, the sound of sirens filled the air, a helicopter circled above the Taipan warehouse and a big black van sped into Lear Jet Drive.   

Ten men dressed in black, body armour and machine guns, appeared from the rear doors. Two went this way and two went that way and six honed in on where Neil and Sammy stood, perplexed at what had just unfolded.  

It seemed like a lifetime of events unravelling as the voice from the megaphone rang in their ears. “GET DOWN ON THE GROUND.” 

As quickly as it began it was over. The sirens stopped, the helicopter flew away and the black van full of men disappeared from sight.   

Amy who was running a little late, pulled into the completely serene car park and headed for the boardroom. “Morning everyone! Righto who’s chairman? Let’s get this meeting started shall we.” 

Alex piped up from the far end of the table, “Neil and Sammy aren’t going to make it”.