JULY 2022


Over the last few months, you’ve heard a lot from us on the constantly evolving worldwide stock shortages. This time, instead of just telling you about the impact this has had and is still having on Taipan, we thought we’d show you exactly what that looks like.

We’re lucky that at the beginning of last year we predicted an increase in the difficulty to receive product into Australia in a timely manner. We took action and increased our ordering to cover two years of stock holding. What we weren’t prepared for however, was the impact world events would have on other suppliers and the huge increase in demand this would create. In addition, our own customers were increasing orders to ensure they had continued supply. 

What would last for 2 years or more only a short time ago, is now only lasting around 8 months due to this demand. However, as you can see from the graph above, this has had minimal effect on our stock holdings due to our preemptive ordering, and our stock on hand is expected to steadily increase over the coming months.

As you can see from the dark blue line, demand for Taipan product has increased by just under 84% since January last year. The thin yellow line shows stock arriving thick and fast and even though demand continues to soar, stock is finally catching up. There is still a huge amount of stock on order but as the mustard line indicates, this is at last trending down as each day manufacturers either increase production capabilities or the world moves a small step closer to some form of normality.

One other piece of positive news is that our Rocklea branch stacker is finally back up and running since the motherboard was drowned in the floods. This can only mean good things for those receiving product from Rocklea!

As always, we are incredibly grateful to our customers for your continued loyalty and understanding. If you would like more information, or for any questions, please give one of our friendly customer service team members a call on 1300 654 782.


Over the past few months, you might have noticed there has been some changes to our Taipan team. As a company, Taipan has always aimed to deliver the best customer service in the industry, which is why we recently made the decision to restructure our sales team.

While it may seem like it to some, this restructure was not an attempt to pull our sales staff out of the field and away from customers, but instead has been a golden opportunity to merge our internal and external teams together and focus on what’s really important – product knowledge, customer service and the ability to provide value to each and every customer visit.

As part of this change, Taipan is focusing our attention on all things training. We are investing time and effort into:

  • Increasing staff technical knowledge
  • Comprehensive systems training
  • Upping the skill level in all areas
  • Ensuring all customer questions can be easily answered and nothing is ever too hard
  • Putting processes and procedures in place to support our customers through the next stages of growth

As with all new changes, we acknowledge there is bound to be some bumps in the road as we navigate our way towards creating a customer service team of even more knowledgeable, helpful, friendly staff to provide industry leading customer service.

As a company, there is also the factor of our constant, massive growth to consider. Due to this growth, we have added many new faces, as well as seeing some familiar faces take on new challenges. Taipan has employed 160% more staff members than we did this time last year, and as a result of this, both Taipan and our customers may have found themselves working in unfamiliar territory.

We wanted to take a moment to thank our customers for their patience and continued support over this time, and ask that you please bear with us as we adjust to the new normal for Taipan and figure out the best ways to minimise the negatives and maximise the positives. Our end goal and entire reason behind our new sales direction has always been to provide the best customer service in the industry, and we appreciate your understanding as we build these solid foundations.