Luna’s Big Day Out

It was a bright, sunny day at the Taipan Melbourne branch as the visiting northerners arrived. Neil, Amy and Mick had just flown in from Queensland and couldn’t wait to catch up with the Melbourne crew.

‘Hey, guys!’ said Rick, as they walked into the warehouse. ‘Long time no see!’

‘Hi everyone!’ said Amy, smiling around at the Melbourne team who had gathered to greet them.

‘What do you have there, Celeste?’ said Mick, pointing at the bundle of blankets in Celeste’s arms.

‘Oh, nothing,’ said Celeste, moving the blankets so they could see. ‘Just our newest Taipan team member!’

A tiny puppy blinked its big brown eyes up at the strangers before yawning widely.

‘Oh, big yawn,’ said Mick, reaching out to pat the golden fur of the puppy. ‘She’s adorable!’

‘You,’ said Amy, cupping the puppy’s tiny furry face in her hands, ‘are the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. I’m going to put you in my bag and take you home with me.’

‘Calm down, Ames,’ said Neil. ‘HR might have an issue with you speaking to a new staff member like that.’

‘Her name is Luna,’ said Celeste. ‘She’s my new puppy.’

‘Oh, no,’ said Amy. ‘This dog belongs to Taipan now. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.’

‘Yes, you do!’ said Rick.

‘Alright everybody,’ said Neil. ‘Shall we get back to work?’

Reluctantly, the team all filed into the office. Celeste put Luna down in her dog bed and the team got to work.

A few minutes later, Celeste looked up and frowned. ‘Where’s Luna?’

The team all looked around and gasped as they noticed that the door out into the warehouse had been left open.

‘Oh, no!’ Rick yelled. ‘She’s escaped!’

‘It’s okay, said Mick. ‘How much trouble can she get up to out there before we find her?’

The group all nodded in agreement before heading out to search for the missing puppy.

Out in the warehouse, Luna bounced her way down one of the aisles in search of adventure.

Spotting a forklift, she looked up at all the knobs and buttons in wonder. Finding a low shelf to climb on, her tail wagged at the speed of light as she took a running jump and landed on the control panel. Pressing one of the knobs forward with her nose, the forklift began to drift slowly down the aisle and around a corner as she rested her fluffy feet on the steering wheel.

Growing bored, Luna waited until the forklift had come to a stop against a shelf before jumping onto a nearby workbench.

Sniffing her way around a hose crimper, she wiggled her body inside of it in an attempt to get to the other side of the bench. Stepping on a green button as she did so, the crimper began to close slowly around her. Spotting what looked like a giant chew toy in front of her, she bounced out of the crimper just before it could close around her tail.

Jumping on the big black snake, she began to chew vigorously with her sharp puppy teeth. Quickly growing bored, Luna looked up as she saw movement to her right.

She watched as the stacker brought down a shelf full of items and decided to take a ride. Jumping from the end of the bench, she made her way onto the stacker, bouncing from shelf to shelf as they moved up and down.

After a while, she gave a big yawn and decided now would be the perfect time for a nap. But all of the boxes were full of big metal pieces, there was nowhere comfortable to nap!

Searching her way through the warehouse, she came upon a big rolled up coil of chew toy and decided it was the perfect place to sleep. Climbing inside, she settled in for a well deserved nap.

What an adventure!

‘Hey, over here!’ yelled Luke, gesturing for the rest of the Taipan team to join him. ‘I found her!’

They all gathered around to see the tiny puppy sleeping soundly in the middle of a massive roll of Taipan hose.

‘Aw,’ said Mick. ‘See? I told you she wouldn’t get into too much trouble.’

‘Has anyone seen my forklift?’ Tom yelled out from the opposite side of the warehouse. ‘I swear I left it right here!’

‘Hey!’ Dylan said from the other end of the aisle. ‘Why are there teeth marks in all these hoses?’

‘What was that you were just saying, Mick?’ Celeste laughed.