MARCH 2023

We’re off to Europe

Quality product, reliable supply streams and realistic pricing are essential to Taipan’s ongoing customer support. The last few years have made it all but impossible to travel…but now we are back, and with Craig’s retirement and Allan concentrating on improvements closer to home, two new crusaders head to Europe this year to explore the improvements our manufacturing partners have made while we’ve been away.  

That’s right, Neil, our CEO of Operations and Sammy, our R&D Specialist are taking on the challenge of shaping Taipan’s extensive product range. 

Taipan now purchase from over 50 manufacturers in almost 20 countries so it’s imperative we visit regularly to keep up with all aspects of our suppliers operations. 

Neil and Sammy head out in May so if you have feedback, suggestions, concerns or comments, yell out now so we can put them on the list. 

Good luck guys, driving on the wrong side of the road is a breeze! 

Taipan are now selling discs!

A disc is a disc right!  

I know what you mean but not really.  

Now Taipan is only new to the disc game but according to the most important people in the world, our customers, there is quite a difference. Some cutting discs “break their back” halfway through the cut. Which basically means they lose their tension and next minute the disc heads into self-destruction.  

Then there’s the wear and how they compare to their counterparts. Well according to the experts, Taipan discs test up about second place in the market.   

So now we know that, the last thing we need to know is the price. As with a lot of products, it depends on a fair few factors, purchase volume being just one. What we can say today is we have a fair range in stock, so talk to one of our friendly team and give them a go. The proof is in the pudding as they say!   

If you’d like to know more, our blog for this month talks about all things disc!

MARCH stock update

Hopefully you have noticed a vast improvement in Taipan’s stock situation. Almost to the point where it’s no longer on your list of priorities.  

At today’s level of sales, we have over two years of a lot of stock lines on our shelf. We have another couple of big months of deliveries in March and April before it plateaus out to keep pace with sales.  

Of course, this is an issue for our bank who say we need to reduce our stock holding by 30% before June, so we called an emergency meeting to discuss the dilemma.  

We sat in the boardroom and repeated to the management team what the bank manager had said. After some deliberation we thought we had better do what they said, then a few seconds later we thought…..Naaah. 

Stock is looking good, now we just have to keep it that way.