The Rise Of Taipan 2 Wire – Episode 1

Written by Allan Sandilands

The year is 2056, Allan, founder and original Managing Director, now a distant memory. Amy is well entrenched into her captaincy of the Taipan team, but this is not the Taipan you may remember.  

Marshal law reigns. Government forces have taken to the streets and to the air. Nano technology has risen and fibre controls every facet of life. Nano cabling is the weapon of choice and the government controls it all.   

Among the shadows, Amy stands as head of the resistance. The battle now several years in endurance is taking it’s toll.   

A matter of days or even hours will see the forces make their final push and connect the last of the nano fibre and it will all be over.   

Amy, Neil, Christina, Troy, Jade, Rick, Sammy, and the rest of the essential resistance fighters have never given up hope that people would have the choice, the choice to use Nano or Hydraulic, and people need that choice.  

And in this, the final battle, everything they stand for, everything she, stands for, will be lost.  

Staring aimlessly through the darkness behind row upon row of quad chopper taxis covered in webs of Nano fibre, Amy’s thoughts take control. What now but to call it a day. What now but to walk into the lights of the Government forces. What now but to slink into a motion censored nano fibre sofa and participate in Home and Away in 5d holographic reality. What now……  


Will Amy call it a day? Will she walk into the lights giving herself up to the government forces? Tune in next month for the nail-biting conclusion of, “The Rise of Taipan 2 Wire”.